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A true partnership, exploring fresh ways of using data

About Moorwand

Moorwand is a London-based payments solution provider offering issuing, digital banking, and acquiring services.

Founded in 2014, it provides access to card schemes and banking services, in addition to Electronic Money Services to banks, fintechs, and payments companies.

By enhancing Moorwand’s data management capacity, we helped provide further value to its growing roster of clients.


"Kani can take information and deliver it back in a format that we can pull an enormous amount of information from. When you have that amount of data, the possibilities are endless. We’re delighted with our partnership and wouldn’t change a thing about it.”

- Vicki Gladstone, Executive Board Director at Moorwand

Decoding complex data

Working with multiple schemes and processors means that Moorwand receives different settlement and reconciliation data file formats.

Reporting was taking up Moorwand’s valuable time – time which it wanted to use on serving its clients and other, more profitable and positive pursuits.

With increasing volumes of data arriving in disparate formats and file types, Moorwand explored where operational enhancements could be implemented, including streamlining settlement and reconciliation processes.

Old friends new partners

Moorwand’s search for an expert partner in data reporting and reconciliation led it to Kani Payments, through our association with Flex-e-card and Global Processing Services (GPS) 20 years ago.

We partnered back in 2018, at which point we were able define how Moorwand receives, interprets, and uses its data.

Strengthening data capabilities

Both of our teams recognised the scale of the task, but also quickly realised that it was a significant opportunity to strengthen Moorwand’s data capabilities overall.

Kani integrates with Moorwand’s processors directly, sources the data required, sanitises it, and shares it with Moorwand through its user-friendly platform.

Along with making its existing processes work even better through simplified and streamlined data reporting.

"As part of Kani streamlining and standardising our data, we have access to new and exciting tools like the ability to interrogate our data with simple search parameters, and a heat map allows us to see where different payment methods are being used."

- Vicki Gladstone, Executive Board Director at Moorwand

Working together

Not all processors (particularly newer players in the market) will know what the most optimal way is to present and share that data with clients, particularly when data comes in different outputs and formats.

In this operational aspect, Kani steps in to advise the processor what works best.

Kani informs processors of the required reports, how the files should be formatted, what information they need to contain, and where they need to be delivered.

"The skill required to decode and interpret all this data should not be underestimated. Kani offers an extremely straightforward solution, with a platform that can be used by anyone in the business – you don’t need to be an expert in finance, coding, or data analysis to understand it."

- Vicki Gladstone, Executive Board Director at Moorwand

Those who grow together

While Moorwand initially began working with us for support on dividing interchange from its settlements and providing QMR reporting, as the business grows, the sort of information and volume it requests has grown in synergy.

We’ve been on hand with explanations and templates to support Moorwand in extracting the maximum value from its data.

Together, we’ve now explored new territory when it comes to reconciliation and fresh ways to use data to better understand the business.

It’s been a true partnership over the years.

"I knew that Kani would be a fantastic partner as it had the first automatic data reconciliation and reporting solution. It was an exciting innovation and something we wanted to bring to Moorwand."

- Vicki Gladstone, Executive Board Director at Moorwand
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