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Reconciliation Software

Reconcile complex and contrasting data sets in minutes, saving time, cost and resource in the process.

All of your reconciliation data clearly visible in one place… It’s the dream, right? Our reconciliation software integrates directly with your third party platforms of choice, so your data’s always in tip top shape.

Complete reconciliation reports in minutes

Kani allows you to create custom reports for every eventuality, so you can automate and tailor reconciliations for your specific needs.

Simplify complicated transaction data

If you’re working with large sums of money, in multiple currencies, or drawing data from multiple sources, Kani simplifies and visualises your data for you.

Receive automated alerts

Encounter an issue? No need to worry. Our automated alert system will highlight any inconsistencies and remind you when it's time to get things done.

Drill down into data sets

Our bespoke reconciliations are complimented by robust, customisable workflows. You can drill down into any dataset and quickly get to the bottom of any issues.

Used and trusted by many FinTech companies

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