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The success of our partnership has given Osper the springboard to scale globally

About Osper

Osper is a UK fintech scale-up that was established in 2013 as a prepaid card offering and mobile app aimed at helping children learn about financial management.

The companies successful transition from start- up to scale-up means they are now handling significantly larger data inflows.

Osper’s need for enhanced data reporting and reconciliation capabilities led it to identify Kani Payments as the ideal partner.


“It’s so useful to have data flowing into one central platform, where our team can access it easily. That’s one of the biggest benefits of the Kani platform. It presents all of this data in a way that everyone in the company can understand."

- Ester Piubeni, Operations Director at Osper:

Rapid business evolution demands better data handling

Since scaling up, the company handles a vastly increased volume of data on a frequent basis, from many more sources than before.

Our mission is to help businesses make sense of the vast volumes of data they have to deal with, through our award-winning SaaS platform, which makes us the ideal partner.

Streamlining and standardising

We enabled Osper to streamline and standardise the increasing array of data sets it’s now dealing with.

Osper can now speed up reporting times, generate deeper levels of actionable business intelligence insights and launch services for its clients in vastly improved time-to-market.

“What we love about the Kani platform is its ability to pull in data from different sources and reconcile it in a few minutes, whereas before reconciliations would take several hours."

- Ester Piubeni, Operations Director at Osper

Time saved and further operational efficiency

With the time saved through automating reporting and reconciliations, Osper can deploy team members to more projects, creating even more operational efficiencies and agility.

When data insights are standardised and presented through Kani’s easy-to-navigate dashboard, business intelligence becomes accessible to everyone in the organisation who needs it to build better products and services.

Scaling globally with confidence

The success of our partnership has given Osper the springboard to scale globally.

Osper is now embarking on the next phase of its expansion plans, thanks to the new capabilities created through Kani Payments’ enhanced data reporting power.

“It’s a fantastic tool to gain insights into what our customers are doing. We can see how account holders are using our cards for spending. This gives us much-needed insight on cardholder behaviour, and lets us see what our customers want."

- Ester Piubeni, Operations Director at Osper
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