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Kani & Revolut discuss: How to Scale a Fintech Organisation in 2023

11th July 2023

Press & Media

FF news spoke to Kani Payments CEO, Aaron Holmes and Global Head of Expansion at Revolut, André Silva, to discuss How to Scale a Fintech Organisation in 2023.

The Fintech leaders discuss scalability in the financial services sector as well as some of the goals and challenges businesses need to consider before taking their leap into expansion.



“Consumer financial services products are built on trust. It is essential that consumers know that they can trust their organisations with their money.”

Scalability is one of the most important KPIs a company considers when they think about growth.

From regulation and compliance to cultivating the right team that can foster global innovation and still have their finger on the pulse of local and regional cultures – successfully scaling a fintech involves openness to adaptability and a strong infrastructure that was already established before scaling was even a thought.

“For us, [Revolut] scalability was always a key part of our DNA,” said Silva. “It was what we set ourselves up to do – but at the same time, cementing our processes and working in the UK at the forefront of fintech regulation gave us the opportunity to cement our processes and build a tech that we could scale globally.”

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