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Kani announce a new partnership with leading challenger, Equals Group

9th September 2021

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Kani and Equals Group are working together to simplify payments and streamline processes.

Kani Payments are proud to be partnering with Equals, a leading challenger and e-money licence holder. Equals offers a business account that combines cutting-edge technology, support from currency experts, bank-grade connections and high-level security to help businesses reach their goals. The platform offers international payments, faster payments for domestic transfers, expense management, current accounts, multi-currency cards and travel cash.

Enhancing payments data processes

Equals was founded in 2007 out of a desire to get customers a better deal using technology and comprises well-established international payments and e-banking brands including Equals Money, FairFX and CardOneMoney. The partnership allows Equals to align its data operations across its brand and product portfolio, ensuring accuracy and a clear end-to-end process for managing all its payments data.

Matthijs Boon, Chief Operating Officer at the Equals Group, commented: “We are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tech solutions to help us deliver the best service possible to our customers. Through Kani, we can streamline and further optimise our internal processes with the end-goal of making our teams’ and most importantly, our customers’ lives easier.”

Growth-focused Fintechs, like Equals, are choosing to integrate Kani as it allows them to focus on their core offering. With large volumes of data needing to be reconciled, using a system like Kani means huge amounts of time and potential errors are saved due to the automated and accurate approach. Kani removes the need for finance teams to spend days manually sifting through complex transactional data, from multiple sources, to build their required reports.

Simon England, Managing Director at the Equals Group said: “Working with Kani means we have been able to realise the true value of our full product suite in terms of cost and revenue, which makes running our business lines even easier.”

Supporting a Fintech to scale globally

Equals will now be able to automate, streamline and manage by exception, in addition to being able to create a suite of reconciliations and customisable reports. These provide key insights and regulatory reports – all of which can be achieved in seconds. Having instant access to Kani’s team of payments specialists, who understand the nuances and details of the payment chain, is a huge benefit to any scaling Fintech.

The Group’s goal is always to drive business efficiency and deliver technology that enables a low-friction customer experience for all types of businesses and people. For Equals, this partnership will further aid the pursuit of making it simpler to manage and move money around the world, so their customers can focus on the things that matter most to them.

Aaron Holmes, Chief Executive Officer of Kani Payments added: “It’s brilliant to partner with the Equals Group and support its payments data reconciliation and reporting operations. We’re privileged to be able to provide Equals with a better understanding of their numerous datasets which allows for meaningful process improvements and streamlining, while simultaneously freeing up time for them. A few of the team go way back too, so it’s great to be able to work with them again.”