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Kani Payments Appoints Mark Delaney as Head of Customer Success

18th October 2023

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Mark has joined Kani with the aim of to empowering our clients to create their amazing products in the payments industry by supporting them with the management of their data, reconciliations, and reporting requirements. 


The Kani Payments team are pleased to announce the appointment of payments industry expert Mark Delaney as Head of Customer Success, to drive our company’s client relationships and service uptake as we embark on a period of rapid global expansion.

With a proven track record in building customer success teams for major global clients in the financial services industry, Mark’s customer engagement, contract negotiation, and mediation skills will help us to unlock areas of commercial growth and develop targeted service roadmaps for existing clients, based on our business model and objectives to support our growth.

Before joining Kani Payments, Mark held a series of senior customer success roles at global payments solution platform EML and was responsible for training and leading customer success managers for tier one clients across Europe. Prior to EML, Mark worked alongside our founder and CEO Aaron Holmes at Flex-e-Card, a Newcastle-based gift card provider, where his account management and client relationship skills boosted annual sales.

A particular focus for Mark in his new role will be helping e-money institutions (EMIs) to meet growing regulatory demands, such as proof of customer funds safeguarding processes and audit histories. As a data-agnostic platform, Kani Payments can ingest data from any processor or source, and can reconcile complex and contrasting multiple data sets in minutes, empowering EMIs to meet regulatory and industry compliance obligations, including Mastercard QMR and Visa GOC reports.

Kani Payments’ platform automatically generates reports in the correct format, saving our clients vast amounts of time and money, and can also build bespoke reports according to clients’ unique requirements. The Kani platform also provides complete end-to-end audit trails for all reconciliations and reports, down to every change made by a user. Our in-house teams can identify and monitor transaction trends and histories, regardless of their technical or financial expertise.

Commenting on his appointment, Mark says: “My aim is to empower our clients to create their amazing products in the payments industry by supporting them with the management of their data, reconciliations, and reporting requirements. I want to show them how they can harness our technology to achieve more efficiency, generate additional reports, cost savings and new revenue opportunities. There is still so much value we can bring to our current customers as we continue to develop Kani and build our service offering. The clients and partnerships in the pipeline are also hugely exciting with massive growth potential, giving Kani the opportunity to support more key industry players in automating their payments reporting and reconciliation.”

“Being from the North-East myself and having worked with Aaron before, I’ve followed Kani for a while and I’ve been so impressed with how rapidly they’ve grown from a start-up to a global business, and that’s something I want to be a part of. When Aaron reached out and asked if I’d be interested in joining the team, I made my decision instantly. There’s nobody else so purely focused on the payments and fintech industry, and I’m certain that together we can continue to help reduce complexity for financial services businesses.”

Aaron Holmes, founder and CEO of Kani Payments, says: “I’m delighted to be working once again with Mark, and to welcome him to Kani. His passion for being customer-centric and knack for identifying synergies is unrivalled. Mark’s ability to interact and immerse himself in clients’ business models means he can derive tangible insights into their growth ambitions and show them how Kani Payments can enable them to reach the next level.”

“With EMIs forming a big percentage of our customer base, Mark’s payment industry expertise and knowledge of regulations will be a huge reassurance for clients. EMIs are under more pressure from regulators than ever before to demonstrate that they are following their obligations, whether it be AML and transaction monitoring reports to safeguarding of funds. Mark and his teams will show EMIs how the Kani platform’s automation strengths can free them up to focus on their products and ensure that they have their house in order and are fulfilling those obligations.”

Kani Payments has been built by fintech experts to do the heavy lifting of making complex data simple and standardised, helping growth-hungry fintechs to achieve effortless compliance with scheme and industry regulations, and generate smarter business intelligence insights that will fuel future growth.

To date, Kani Payments has reconciled more than €24 billion in processed payments volume through our award-winning platform that is used by FinTech and Payment companies across the industry, and has forged relationships with companies such as Transact Payments, PaySafe, IDT, Sodexo, Osper, and Moorwand.

After announcing its acceptance onto the Mastercard Start Path Global programme in 2022, Kani plans to build on this success throughout 2023 and beyond by bringing automation, accuracy and compliance to financial institutions worldwide.