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Kani Spotlight Q&A Series: Incentivising Women into tech

28th March 2022

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Kani Payments is passionate about promoting the fundamental contribution that women are making within the fintech industry.

Following on from International Women’s Day 2022, throughout March and April we’ll be sharing a series of spotlight articles, to highlight the unity of women in Kani Payments and the value of mentorship and support within the company and the wider fintech sector.

In today’s article, we’re talking to Dr. Sophie Harbisher, Kani’s Data Science Lead and Raj Nizzer, Business Intelligence Developer – they both joined Kani in September 2020. 

Sophie: What do you enjoy about working in fintech?

Raj: My role primarily focuses on presenting data in an easily readable and clear format. This often comes with complications as the data we receive can be difficult to understand and with many varying sources. I like the fact that I can help the clients we work with grow their business by understanding their own data better and using it to help achieve their objectives. More broadly, I like working within a new industry that is constantly changing, allowing for an infinite number of opportunities within technology.

Sophie: What can be done to incentivise more women into tech roles?

Raj: I think the key is to spread awareness to people of all ages. From school age, right the way through to the general population, everyone has the capability to work in the technology sector in various roles which may not be known to them. While I was aware of what fintech companies are, it is only though my career that I now have a better understanding of the financial industry and the technology required for any industry to be brought into the technological age.

Sophie: Why did you choose to work at Kani?

Raj: After graduating in a STEM subject, I wanted to explore possible career options available to me in all fields. When I discovered Kani, the problems that fintech companies face on daily basis and what role Kani plays in this industry, I knew I wanted to use my experience to resolve these issues and to be a part of a company that prides itself on being a great working environment.


Raj: What do you enjoy about working in fintech?

Sophie: The fintech industry lives and breathes on the transfer of data. This presents some interesting challenges as data is communicated through multiple parties and in many formats with the understanding of such data being critical to the success of a fintech. It also presents problems, spanning areas from interpretation to data engineering to reconciliation and reporting. I really enjoy facing and solving different issues on a daily basis alongside my colleagues at Kani. I also enjoy the wider collaborative ethos in the fintech community and within the team, where knowledge sharing is promoted via a wide range of events such as the webinar series Kani created for its customers.

Raj: What can be done to incentivise more women into tech roles?

Sophie: Fintech is a disruptive and dynamic industry. Even though most people are aware of and interact with fintech companies every day, they may not even realise it. By raising the profile of fintech companies and awareness for the effort and roles required behind the scenes as well as showcasing a diverse array of individuals who are successful in their chosen career, we can inspire more people who are typically under-represented to pursue a career that interests them, such as women into technology roles.

Raj: Why did you choose to work at Kani?

Sophie: Around 18 months ago I had just completed my PhD and was looking for a new challenge outside of academia. Via a mutual contact I ended up chatting to Aaron, CEO of Kani, who made me aware of the fintech industry in the North East, the challenges those companies face and how the team at Kani were working together to offer a solution. The inclusive nature of the team and the problem-solving aspect of the role appealed to me, so I joined Kani to start my career in fintech.



You can connect with Sophie on LinkedIn here

You can connect with Raj on LinkedIn here