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Solution sales leader Priya Jadeja joins the expanding Kani team as Head of Pre-Sales

16th May 2023

Press & Media

Priya has joined Kani to focus on expanding the range of client demos to highlight Kani’s reporting, reconciliation, customer fund safeguarding and merchant settlement capabilities.


Previously responsible for pre-sales operations at data companies AutoRek and SS&C, Priya brings deep expertise in data reporting and reconciliation solution sales, including managing prospective client relationships, sales and implementation lifecycles, building and running solution demos, and management of Request for Proposal (RfP) pilot projects.

As Kani adds to its growing client roster worldwide, Priya will work closely with the product, sales and developer teams to identify client requirements and align them with Kani’s fast-expanding range of solutions, including transaction reconciliation, payment and regulatory scheme reporting, merchant settlement and customer fund safeguarding. She will also be responsible for guiding clients through demos of the Kani Payments’ award-winning platform, and training client teams on-site and remotely so that they can realise the full benefits of working with its easy-to-use dashboard.

Specifically, Priya’s expertise in helping companies transition away from inefficient legacy reconciliation processes, and her ability to build and customise demos and solutions according to clients’ unique requirements, will be vital to Kani Payments amid a period of rapid growth for the company. Alongside data reporting and reconciliation, Kani Payments has recently introduced the ability for companies to accurately monitor customer fund safeguarding processes, an area where Priya has extensive experience of building demos for clients.

As a data-agnostic platform, Kani can ingest data from any processor or source, and can reconcile complex and contrasting multiple data sets in minutes. Crucially, Kani can also empower fintechs and payments companies to meet regulatory and industry compliance obligations, including Mastercard QMR and Visa GOC reports. Typically, these reports are costly and time-consuming for in-house finance teams to produce, as they include many large and complex data sets from multiple sources.  Kani Payments’ platform automatically generates reports in the correct format, saving clients vast amounts of time and money, and can also build bespoke reports according to clients’ unique requirements.

With regulators placing more stringent demands on payments firms, such as proof of customer funds safeguarding processes and audit histories, Kani’s platform also provides complete end-to-end audit trails for all reconciliations and reports, down to every change made by a user. In-house teams can even identify and monitor transaction trends and histories, regardless of their technical or financial expertise.


Commenting on her appointment, Priya says: “Joining Kani Payments at such a pivotal point in its dynamic growth journey is hugely exciting, and the opportunity to bring its outstanding services to more companies is tailor-made for me. I’m passionate about helping businesses to visualise all the ways that their data can be made to work harder and smarter to unlock growth. I can’t wait to show clients all the features and functionality of the platform, and how to access and filter all the data insights they need with as few clicks as possible.

“It’s so important to make complex data processes easy to understand, as often in-house teams might not be familiar with technical or transaction data terminology. That’s the beauty of the Kani Payments platform. By simplifying and standardising data from multiple sources, businesses can utilise its easy-to-use dashboard and customisable workflows to accelerate data reporting and reconciliation processes, save huge amounts of time and money, and free up in-house teams to create exceptional products and services for their end customers. I’m looking forward to building a range of demos that will showcase the power and flexibility of Kani’s platform, forging new client relationships and opening up new use cases for more companies.”


Aaron Holmes, founder and CEO of Kani Payments, says: “We’re thrilled to welcome Priya to Kani Payments – her hugely impressive track record and renowned skills in building client demos, identifying client needs and her intrinsic understanding of their data reporting and reconciliation challenges will be invaluable for us. Priya has a rare ability to speak in the client’s language, taking out complicated jargon to make the client’s onboarding process quick, smooth and hassle-free, something that’s increasingly important to us as we experience unprecedented demand for our services.