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Mastercard QMR and Visa GOC reporting made simple

Submitting quarterly card scheme reports to Mastercard and Visa doesn’t have to be complicated. Download our product brochure to see for yourself how Kani’s flagship card scheme reporting solution can save you 150+ hours annually.

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Save your team the hassle with Kani

Managing the QMR and GOC reporting process can be complex. Our research finds that companies spend an average of 19 days every year on these processes.

We’ve been in the trenches, grappling with the time drains of manually pulling card scheme reports together. But fear not because we’ve cracked the code, and now we’re here to help you do the same.

Take your QMR and GOC reporting game to the next level


Download our QMR and GOC product brochure to learn why Kani is the go-to for payments businesses globally to manage the quarterly Mastercard and Visa reporting process.

You’ll learn how our automated solution:

  • Cuts reporting time: Reduces time spent on QMR and GOC reporting from days to minutes
  • Ensures compliance: Achieves 100% compliance with Mastercard and Visa formatting requirements
  • Simplifies FX conversions: Automatically converts all currencies into the scheme-required rate
  • Minimises errors and fines: Comprehensive data validation checks to eliminate submission errors and fines
  • Removes terminology confusions: Automatically categorises the correct regionality of transactions
  • Enhances data control: Gives you full control of your transaction data, with easy access to previous submissions
  • Automates data management: Performs data reconciliation, transformation and enrichment without manual intervention